French Dunny Series.

Kidrobot's French Dunnies are coming!

"The 19 piece blind assortment series retails for US$6.95. If you're lucky you'll find the super-limited 1 in 400 Dunny by Easy Hey, but if you're très très lucky you'll get your hands on Le Billet Caché, a certificate guaranteeing you a special 8-Inch Dunny by the French Love Team, Koralie and SupaKitch. Only 500 made!"

Artists include: Superdeux / Genevieve Gauckler / 123Klan / SupaKitch / Easy Hey / Tilt / Mist / Der / Doze x Secretlab / Ajee / Jack Usine / Nasty / Onde x Trbdsgn / KOA / Skwak / Oktus the Woodboy / KORALIE and Tizieu.

Source: Toysrevil



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