Toysrevil's dope giveaways!

For this Festive Month of February, via the generosity of Play Imaginative, TOYSREVIL's I LIKE TOYS brings you 5 weeks of freebie giveaways, with a brand new toy given away every Friday! this is the second week of prize giveaways (with a February 14th deadline) and it features an auspicious lucky-tangerine colored 10-inch Scar-QQ Trexi designed by Devilrobots! (perfect for Chinese New Year GONG XI FA CAI!)

Devilrobots' 10-inch Scar-QQ Trexi set boasts 99 + 1 scars. Together with his 3-inch Trexi partner, One, these scar-studded Trexis feature serial numbers. 248 exclusive pieces available worldwide.

Source: Toysrevil.



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